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Who are we ?

SysPay embarked on its journey in payment systems and the finance industry with a clear analysis of the present and a strong vision for the future, anticipating industry needs and foreseeing the direction in which the world of payments is heading.

SysPay has undoubtedly been a visionary company with a pioneering business model in this sector.

As a reputable member of card payment associations, SysPay offers unparalleled expertise and stands out as an industry leader.

Our foundation, steeped in entrepreneurial spirit, ensures an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence.

Our history

Our missions

Process payments anywhere, with the system that best suits your business model!

We understand that payments are not just transactions, but a pathway to growth and success.

Our focus is to provide secure and reliable payment services that empower businesses to optimise their financial processes, unlock new revenue streams, and streamline operations.

By offering innovative technologies, personalised support, and transparent pricing, we enable our clients to harness the full potential of payments and seize every opportunity anywhere to maximise their business potential.

Transforming payments into opportunities and creating value for your business is our unwavering commitment.

Our values

Relationship Driver

We build long-term relationships with customers, partners and team members.


We are agile and find solutions where others see limitations.


We all act like owners and behave with the company’s success in mind.


Commitment to professional ethics and personal excellence is our moto.

Management Team

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Tanugi de Jongh

Strategy & Partnerships

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Caterina Santuccione


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Farrugia Chattaway

Compliance Manager

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The Team

Our multicultural team, comprising nine different nationalities, enables us to efficiently cater to a broad range of clients and adapt to diverse business outlooks.

This international diversity drives our unmatched customer service, as we go above and beyond to exceed the unique needs of clients worldwide.

We stand firm in our commitment to offer a truly global service.

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