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Understanding ICC++

ICC+ Understanding Interchange Fees and the Benefits of SysPay Interchange fees are fees applied when a transaction takes place between two financial institutions, such as an issuing bank and an acquiring bank. These fees cover the costs incurred by the…

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How to minimise chargebacks

A chargeback is a process whereby a cardholder asks his or her bank to dispute a transaction with a merchant, often because of fraud, non-receipt or non-compliant product or service. The bank investigates and may credit the cardholder’s account, reversing…

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digital euro

Discover the digital euro.

The European Central Bank (ECB) has introduced a transformative concept that marks a new chapter in financial transactions: the birth of the Digital Euro. A Leap Towards Modernised Payments The Digital Euro project is not just an initiative; it’s a…

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Illustration helping to understand "Impersonation hack"

Scam Alert – Cybersquatting

How Top-Level Domain Impersonation Puts Online Security at Risk The digital world continues to evolve, presenting both opportunities and threats in equal measure. One such threat that demands immediate attention is Top-Level Domain (TLD) impersonation. With the proliferation of new…

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