2024 Paris Olympic games

How SysPay is Preparing the Hospitality Sector for Olympic-Scale Demand

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games are shaping up to be a major event that is transforming the French capital and will have a significant impact on many economic sectors, particularly the hospitality industry. With millions of visitors expected, the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, and related services, is preparing for unprecedented demand. In this context, innovative technological tools such as those offered by SysPay have a crucial role to play in meeting the issues and challenges posed by this massive influx of visitors.

Increased demand

The Olympic Games traditionally attract large numbers of spectators, athletes, delegation members, journalists, and tourists. For Paris 2024, projections estimate an influx of over 10 million additional visitors during the Games period. This spectacular increase in demand will put enormous pressure on existing infrastructure, particularly accommodation capacity. To meet this increased demand, many hotels are planning or have already increased their capacity. This includes opening new hotels, extending existing hotels and increasing the use of accommodation rental platforms such as Airbnb. According to a study by the Union des Métiers et des Industries de l’Hôtellerie (UMIH), forecasts show that the number of rooms available in Paris should increase by 20% to meet demand.

Restaurant and other services

Paris’s restaurants, cafés and bars are also preparing to welcome a much larger clientele. As well as increasing their capacity, they will have to adapt to the diverse expectations of international visitors in terms of cuisine, service, and payment.

Logistical and technological challenges

Another major challenge for the hospitality sector will be the efficient management of logistics and payments. With considerable customer flows, the speed and security of financial transactions will be essential. This is where solutions like those offered by SysPay come in.

How can SysPay address some of the challenges posed by the Olympic Games?

Fast and secure payments

SysPay has been a pioneering European payment institution in the hospitality sector for almost 10 years and has developed a range of services that perfectly meet the needs of hospitality businesses during the Olympic Games. SysPay’s ability to manage high volumes of transactions quickly and securely is a major asset. Correctly managed payments at the time of booking mean reduced waiting time at check-in/check-out, improving the customer experience and satisfaction, a crucial aspect during busy periods.

Flexible payment methods

Visitors to the Olympic Games come from different countries, with different payment habits. SysPay meets this need by accepting a multitude of payment methods and, above all, by its dynamic currency conversion functionality. Customers can therefore pay in their own currency, facilitating sales conversion and guaranteeing transparency of transaction amounts. At the same time, hoteliers can continue to operate in their preferred currency, streamlining their financial processes and eliminating the complexities associated with managing multiple currencies.

Integrated Payment Solutions

The SysPay solution is fully integrated with France’s leading hotel and restaurant software publishers throughout the chain with property management systems, channel managers, booking engines and other applications. This enables hotels and restaurants to manage payments centrally and efficiently, and to benefit from a variety of functionalities and automations. Such integration is particularly beneficial during busy periods when smooth operations are crucial.

Security and compliance

Transaction security is a major concern for businesses, especially during large-scale events such as the Olympic Games. SysPay is PCI-DSS certified, meets transaction security standards with strong authentication and has a multi-faceted anti-fraud strategy to protect hoteliers from fraudulent activity.

Customer Support and Assistance

In busy times, customer support becomes crucial. SysPay believes in providing exceptional customer service that goes beyond traditional support. Instead of having a generic customer support team, we are proud to offer each of our customers dedicated support from a single point of contact from start to finish.

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games represent a huge opportunity but also a major challenge for the hospitality sector. The influx of millions of visitors will require seamless organisation and efficiency from hotels, restaurants, and other related services. SysPay is helping hospitality businesses prepare for and succeed during this global event. The Olympic Games are not just a celebration of sport, but also a showcase for innovation and excellence in the service sector, and SysPay is positioning itself as a key player in this transformation.

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