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By sending secured payment links, businesses simplify the payment process for customers, eliminating the need for manual input of sensitive information. This not only reduces the security risk but also enhances the overall user experience, contributing to customer satisfaction.


The use of secured payment links significantly bolsters security. Traditional methods of sharing payment information, such as email or messaging apps, may pose security risks as well as regulatory breach . With secured payment links, you ensure that sensitive financial details are transmitted and processed securely.


Secured payment links are directly accessible from our SysPay e-terminal and some of our partner software interfaces (PMS only). Regardless of your set-up, the option to generate secured payment links to safely collect your payment, is at your fingertips.

Secured Payment Links

Generate a payment link to get secured and instant payment for your customers.

Convenience Redefined

Customer convenience isn't a buzzword here at SysPay. We live it, breathe it in every transaction. Our payment hyperlinks eliminate administrative hoops and can be accessed from any computer. Break free from constraints with our customer-centric solutions

Immediate and Vast Reachability

Payment hyperlinks dramatically expedite the debt settlement process. They eliminate the waiting period typically associated with cheque clearing or wire transfers, circumventing extended processing times. They eliminate the need for physical visits, postal services, or costly phone lines, making these payment hyperlinks considerably economical.

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