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Why do you need a PCI Proxy?

In an environment where players have to handle and transfer more and more payment related data, PCI DSS compliance has become a crucial requirement. However, obtaining and maintaining this certification can be a resource-intensive endeavour, demanding significant manpower and technical resources.

To help alleviate this burden, you can leverage the convenience and security of a PCI proxy. 

By utilising a PCI proxy, you can limit your scope to the PCI DSS certification requirements to the minimum, ensuring compliance while reducing the overall complexity and costs associated with maintaining higher certification levels.

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Simple et accessible

Our Product

Trust our API driven solution to secure your payment operations by managing credit card data tokenisation and detokenisation.

1. Flexible

Our PCI proxy solution can be both used in an input and in an output flow meaning that we are able to both collect payment data or receive them directly from your website or any incoming requests to secure them while you minimise your compliance exposure.

2. Fast

Historically, achieving PCI compliance was a labour-intensive and costly process. With PCI Proxy, you can efficiently filter data streams using just a few lines of code, automatically transforming sensitive data into tokens.

3. Secure

We keep and secure your card data via tokenisation which is then sent to you. Experience the peace of mind of being compliant while entrusting your security and the protection of your customer data.

4. Universal

Our PCI proxy tokens format allows you to use stored tokens with all payment gateways and PCI-certified service providers, preventing you from any vendors’ compatibility limitations.


Minimised scope

Trust our PCI proxy solution to achieve with minimum efforts PCI DSS compliance. Ensure secure handling of payment data and reduce the scope of the standard application due to no direct access to the credit cards raw data.

Reduced costs

Becoming and maintaining PCI DSS certification is a complex and lengthy process requiring a significant amount of manpower and technical resources. By opting for our PCI Proxy solution, you achieve simplified compliance and keep associated costs to the minimum.

Do what you do best

With our PCI Proxy solution, you save valuable time on compliance measures and allocate it towards effectively running your business. Free up your efforts and redirect your focus towards managing and growing your business.

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