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Open banking facilitates a secure environment where you can delegate your bank account payment service solutions.

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The Role of Open Banking : Bridging the Gap Between Merchants and Payment Services

Open banking facilitates a secure environment where you can delegate your bank account payment service solutions.

As a merchant, you may sometimes be obliged to maintain your existing bank account. Understanding this, SysPay offers you the capability to connect your account to our payment super gateway. This feature allows you to simultaneously fulfil your banking obligations and benefit from our top-notch services.

Embodying our commitment towards efficiency and flexibility, SysPay Super Gateway is a testament to our dedication and ensures a seamless integration with your existing banking arrangements.

Uniting Strengths for Greater Benefits

As a Supergateway, SysPay works in concert with your existing bank rather than functioning as a replacement. Our vision is to optimise your transaction efficiencies, not to shift your banking experience. You can continue managing all your financial needs with your preferred bank, and leverage SysPay Supergateway as a means to enable secure, efficient, and reliable payment solutions.

Rather than creating a binary choice between SysPay and your accustomed financial institution, our Super Gateway unites the strengths of both. Clients benefit from our expertise, market-leading technology, and dedicated support while leveraging their trusted banking relationships. This collaboration results in a streamlined payment process that exudes reliability and convenience.

Experience Optimal Customer Journey

Open Banking is sparking a pivotal shift in the field of payment services, facilitating higher levels of customer satisfaction, efficiency and innovation. Implementing it with a well-informed strategy and robust security measures ensures an optimal customer experience—creating new opportunities for growth and solidifying confidence in our time-tested expertise as a leading European payment institution.

At SysPay, we understand the importance of flexibility in business financial operations.

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